Health care group good for RR’s future

Health care group good for RR’s future

By Mike and Genie Ryan / For the Journal
Saturday, November 19th, 2016 at 12:02am

When most of us think about health care, all we really care about is good doctors close to home and a hospital and other services available and convenient. We also want good, affordable health insurance. That’s about all that matters to us as the consumers of health care.

We don’t think about the economics of health care except as it affects our pocketbooks, we don’t think about the education of the medical professionals, nor do we think about all the different aspects of society that are impacted by our local health-care system.

It’s a little like the book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” once you start thinking about the subject, it leads to something else and something else and on and on. It makes us realize – again – how our world is so interconnected and so much more complicated than it seems at first glance.

After learning about the Sandoval Health Collaborative, we realize there is so much more to the health-care field than we had ever thought about before, and we are appreciative of those who had the foresight to understand how much the medical field and all its related areas impacts a community.

A nonprofit organization, the Sandoval Health Collaborative’s mission is a healthy community and a healthy economy. It is attempting to increase the number of people trained to work in health care, enable Rio Rancho/Sandoval County to become a regional center for training and education for the health care field, help consumers achieve better results from the health-care profession in part by promoting easier access to the system, and recruit and keep health-related businesses for job growth.

It’s an ambitious mission, but one that can bring good things to Rio Rancho. Combining quality health care for the residents with educational opportunities for our youth and more businesses and job opportunities for Rio Rancho and Sandoval County sounds like a dream come true. We applaud those who are working to get this collaborative off the ground.

We already have the basic structure for success with two new hospitals in the city and campuses for both CNM and UNM West. More than $600 million has been spent on local hospitals, clinics and higher education since 2008.

The collaborative also plans to work on reversing the steep climb of health-care costs which includes working with both consumers and care providers.

Earlier this week, the Collaborative held a Health Career Fair with a Zombie Twist for students in Bernalillo, Cuba and Rio Rancho. The fair was designed to make students aware of the variety of health careers and showing them opportunities for training, education, and jobs.

Soon the Collaborative will release its Health Booklet to elementary-age kids and their parents. It is designed to encourage children to be health ambassadors and includes incentives tied to healthy behaviors.

Health care includes so much more than just finding a doctor when you need one, and the connections are necessary for the success of all parties. It’s truly healthy people and healthy communities merging – and maybe emerging. It’s about more than just education; it’s about students finding a passion and making the most of it. It’s about living a healthy life and living in a healthy community.

We’ll write more about the Sandoval Health Collaborative. It’s definitely one of the good things happening in our city and county. It’s definitely good for our future.

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