1. Eat Well
    RRPS Nutrition Solutions
    RRPS Nutrition Nuggets
    Kids Health
    Delish – Healthy Mexican Recipes
    White Wolf Pack – Native American Traditional Food Principles
    Healthy Cooking for Kids, by Kids
    Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids
  2. Keep Moving
    The Organ Wise Guys
    Step Into Cuba
    Just Move It (For Native American communities)
    Kids Workout Video
    Kids Workout 2
  3. Be Aware
    Authority Nutrition
    Don’t Mess with Mama
    Prevention – Hidden Sugars
  4. Make Wise Choices
    Character Counts
    Kiddie Matters
  5. Think Safety
    Safe Routes to School
    Fireplace Safety Tips
    Workshop Safety for Kids
  6. Keep It Clean
    Child Dental Health
    Hygiene Habits for Kids
    Games to Teach Kids About Personal Hygiene
  7. Stay Balanced
    Five Sandoval Indian Pueblos
    14 Little Ways to Encourage Kindness
    6 Ways Practicing Kindness is Great for your Child
    5 Tips for Teaching Children to be Kind to Animals
    Does my Child have a Mental Health, Emotional or Behavioral Disorder?
  8. Navigate It
    New Mexico Department of Health
    Navigate the Healthcare System
    New Mexico Health Insurance News
    How to Take Charge of Your Hospitalization
    Health Literacy – Navigating the Healthcare System
    Parents Reaching Out – Healthcare
  9. Know Your Numbers
    Medicinenet – Children’s Health (Pediatrics)
    Four Health Numbers you Should Know
    Sandoval Co. Sheriff’s Department: 505-867-7526
    Sandoval Co. Fire Department: 505-867-0245
    Rio Rancho Police Department: 505-891-5900
    Rio Rancho Fire Department: 505-891-5912
    Rio Rancho Emergency Medical Services: 505-891-5283
  10. Keep Growing
    Leadership Sandoval County Youth Program
    A Lifetime of Good Health