Why Health Sector as an Economic Development Strategy?

Access to health care is a key factor in building quality of life. Communities that provide affordable access BloodServicesto healthy lifestyles and good health care are better able to attract and retain business, residents.

Health and social services are already a major investment within Sandoval County. Since 2008, more than $600 million has been invested in local hospitals, clinics, and higher education institutions which train tomorrow’s health care workforce.

The health & social services sector is one of the top employers in Sandoval County (over 3,000) and is the largest private employer in New Mexico. The sector attracts $7 billion annually to NM in federal transfer payments (including Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Affairs medical services). The NM Dept. of Workforce Solutions projects the sector will be the #1 in job growth in the Albuquerque metro area at least through 2022.

TestResultsSustainable growth: Changing demographics, an aging population and changes in health care delivery will continue to grow demand for health and social services for years to come.

For more on the economic impacts, please see the Health & Economic Impact Sheet on our Bulletin Board page.